Projektraum Donau


Triade Interart Foundation

Timisoara, Romania


POPUP Project (Osijek - Croatia) and Atelier Kafeto (Sofia - Bulgaria) will open their exhibition at Triade Interart Foundation Timisoara RO.

Project Space Danube offers young artists oportunities to meet and get to know each others work environment and their work as well as deepen their knowledge and experience of the Danube area. Project spaces have become effective means for artists to network, exchange ideas, and showcase art. Project spaces are used for exhibitions, workshops, and individual artistic performances. Within the span of the year, project spaces from the Danube countries will engage in an exchange of experiences and function as multipliers by bringing their experiences back to their countries of origin and circulating them there. Existing networks will be strengthned and suported and current developments in art presented to a broad audience.


POPUP Project (Miran Blažek, Robert Fišer, Vladimir Frelih, Josip Kaniža, Mario Matoković, Ana Petrović, Dora Tomić)

Josip Kania foto by Ana Petrovi 16.jpgJosip Kania foto by Ana Petrovi 1.jpgJosip Kania foto by Ana Petrovi 15.jpgDora Tomi foto by Ana Petrovi 217.jpgVladimir Frelih foto by Ana Petrovi 4.jpgRobert Fier foto by Ana Petrovi 1.jpgMario Matokovi foto by Ana Petrovi 10.jpgMiran Blaek foto by Ana Petrovi 5.jpgRobert Fier foto by Ana Petrovi 2.jpg


Atelier Kafeto (Bozhidar Boyadzhiev, Valentina Ivancheva, Valentin Balabanov-Bily, Vasil Abadjiev, Georgi Pasev, Emil Zheliazkov, Ivan Abajiev, Konstantin Achkov, lazar Lyutakov, Petja Dimitrova, San Dokan, Simeon Stoilov, Ianko Atanasov)

foto by Ana Petrovic 14.jpgfoto by Ana Petrovi 7.jpgfoto by Ana Petrovi 11.jpgfoto by Ana Petrovi 12.jpgfoto by Ana Petrovi 8.jpgfoto by Ana Petrovic 17.jpgfoto by Ana Petrovi 13.jpgfoto by Ana Petrovi 9.jpg